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How We Got Started

In November 2007 we wrote the following..

“Freshly Pick’d is a family business with a combined 32 years experience in the industry.
Mr Kinsley started out owning a couple of award winning retail fruiterer outlets. His son Chris Kinsley finished his 3 year agriculture diploma specializing in horticulture and went on to manage a large vegetable farming enterprise in KZN midlands for seven years. In that period the vegetable enterprise grew to a level of supplying all large retail chain stores and went onto exporting. Then in 2004 they joined forces in the form of Kinsleys Wholesale. They started out with just one bakkie between two of them and now they have a small fleet. They out grew the double garage they initially started in and now work from a controlled environment pack house in Pietermaritzburg.”

Mr Kinsley, Passed away in June of 2015, But his legacy continues..

We interact closely with our farmers and have a growing number of farmers that grow the produce that they supply us using organic principals. We strongly encourage our farmers to farm responsibly and we conduct regular farm visits. Our farmers are fully aware that we send off random samples for chemical residue testing. The farmers that we like to take onboard are the ones who are interested in the well-being of the environment and the consumer by growing their produce with the biological principles. These are the farmers of the future and we aim to support them to the maximum. You can too, by looking out for the products labelled biologically grown, or grown using organic principals! (this should be launched in the very near future! We are aware of the natural aspect of fresh produce and strive to supply the customers a healthier alternative. We wish to highlight the use of produce grown only in season, not forced through unnatural conditions through use of large amounts of chemicals.

Due to our location at the Pietermaritzburg market, farmers deliver daily, it also allows for us to draw directly from the market which receives stock from a wide range of farmers nationwide. As mentioned We draw stock from local market, local farmers who deliver daily and others who we collect from. We also buy from the Durban and Johannesburg market. We have buyers in Johannesburg who buy for us and deliver to us twice a week, normally items that are not readily available locally.

I would comfortably say that we are leaders and specialists in our industry.

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