Pre-Cut Fruit

At Freshly Pick’d, we understand that pre-cut fruits satisfy consumer demand for healthy snacks that can be eaten on the go. Convenient, portable, good for you, and sweet – these are all the things consumers think of when they see their favourite fruits chopped up into wedges, cubes, slices, or mixed into a fruit salad. It is one of the many reasons why pre-cut fruit is the newest food trend. While more and more consumers are making the move towards living healthier lifestyles, they still detest having to cut up and prepare the fruit, which is where our selection of pre-cut fruits come in.

Other than the fact that pre-cut fruit is a pull for consumers, they can also be highly beneficial in your industry. For the businesses that own their own restaurant, hotel, catering company, or boarding establishment, to name a few, pre-cut fruit can reduce the resources wasted on such time-consuming food preparations. If you were to purchase our ready to use pre-cut fruits, you would not only make your kitchens far more efficient, but you would also limit the organic waste coming from your kitchen, as well as save on labour costs.

In fact, there are several benefits to choosing Pre-Cut Fruit over whole fruit:

Saving on Labour Costs

Reduced Waste Production

Guaranteed Consistency in Cuts

High Attention to Detail

Less Time Spent on Preparation

Added Convenience

We recommend the use of produce grown only in-season, and not forced through unnatural conditions via large amounts of chemicals. As such, please see our wide range of pre-cut fruits below, some of which include the beloved fruit kebabs, fruit mix platter, cubed sweet melon, watermelon wedges, and three-way fruit. For pricing information, or to place an order, get in touch with us today!

​Our Pre-Cut Fruits