Pre-Cut Vegetables & Spiral Range

What is one thing that all consumers strive for when it comes to cooking lunches and dinners? Convenience! If you were to purchase from our wide selection of pre-cut vegetables, you would not only be providing your customers with this yearned for convenience, but also yourselves. Since we supply our high-quality products to a wide range of businesses and industries, some of which include supermarkets, catering companies, restaurants, hotels, and boarding establishments, it just goes to show how these butternut cubes, gem halves, peeled onions, sliced sweet potatoes, and grated carrots, to name a few, can benefit you, regardless of the type of establishment you own. Think about it, gone are the days of spending hours on meal prep, all because you have had to skin and chop your vegetables.

At Freshly Pick’d, we understand the time-saving benefits that pre-cut vegetables offer. In fact, it is one of the many reasons why it is the newest food trend. That, along with spiral vegetables. Speaking of, since many people have started shifting towards healthier lifestyles, and pasta has become more of a cheat meal, spiral vegetables are now all the rage! Consumers can still enjoy their Bolognese, Alfredo, or Carbonara without the guilt. These spiral vegetables are also paving the way for newer, more exciting side dishes.

If you have a look at our spiral range, you will see we supply more than just the usual spiral baby marrow. We also offer spiral beetroot, butternut, carrot, sweet potato, as well as a spiral mix! Thereby, allowing you to choose from a wide variety of flavours for your next dish, or letting you supply your customers with a much wider selection of spiral vegetables than they have ever been exposed to. All in all, there are several ways that your establishment would benefit by purchasing our pre-cut vegetables.

With Freshly Pick’d, you can rest assured that the produce you receive is of the freshest quality and farmed using sustainable and responsible methods. We pride ourselves in working alongside farmers that have the well-being of the consumer and environment in mind. Support sustainable farming and get in touch with us today!

​Our Pre-Cut Vegetables & Spiral Range